Shares in Nissan Motor Co (TYO:7201) sunk nearly 5 percent on Monday morning, after it emerged that the company had falsified emissions data in a number of its vehicles.

The group admitted that it had  falsified data from car exhaust emissions tests at most of its Japanese factories, declining to disclose how many models were involved. It said there would be a “full and comprehensive” investigation into where it had gone wrong, after inspection reports had been “based on altered measurement values”.

Nissan is not the only company to have falsified figures in order to make their cars seem greener, with Volkswagen hit by a major scandal a year ago. Last month it was fined for the breach by German prosectors, having to pay one billion euros for installing software that would enable them to cheat on emissions tests.

Nissan (TYO:7201) said appropriate measures would be taken to stop a recurrence of the event, but shares have fallen on the news. They are currently trading down 4.56 percent at 1,004 JPY (1042GMT).

Back in February Nissan was guilty of using a cheat device on the Renault-sourced 1.6-litre diesel engine on the British-built Qashqai SUV sold in South Korea, the South Korean governmen ruled.

At the time the Japanese manufacturer insisted that it had complied with regulations, saying that it was “disappointed with the court’s decision,” in a statement.