MyShowcase continues crowdfunding success

The personal beauty advisory service reaches 89 percent of their crowdfunding goal.

The award-winning multi-brand, multi-channel personal beauty advisory service, MyShowcase, has reached 89 percent of its crowdfunding goal on Crowdcube, with still 12 days of fundraising left.

MyShowcase has tapped into the beauty market, recognising that average British woman spends £100k on beauty in her lifetime, to offer a curated range of innovative independent UK beauty brands.

The beauty site has grown from 150 to 1,500+ Stylists in the past two years, who give advice and sell to customers via home showcases, 1-2-1 or via social media.

“MyShowcase takes care of brand management, payment and order processing, and helps Stylists with training and managing their customers.”

Named one of The Sunday Times’ Top 15 fastest growing startups in 2015, CEO Nancy Cruickshank is optimistic with where the start-up can go, with a forecast of four million in the next year. This isn’t surprising, with a total of 37,000 customers to date.

The start-up makes money from the sales of beauty and personal care products. Products are purchased on the site by customers who visit the site directly or, more commonly, have orders placed on MyShowcase by the site’s Personal Beauty Shopper.

MyShowcase reports an average order value of £60, comparing to the competitor results which are nearer £20-30.

In the next 12 months, they are forecast doubling our revenue from £2m to over £4m. They aim to achieve this by growing our Stylist network from 1,500+ to 2,800, and increasing the direct customer purchase from 1% to 6% of revenues.

MyShowcase is targeting an exit within 3-5 years, via an IPO or a trade sale to a company in Beauty, E-Commerce, Retail or Direct sales.

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