MEAME begins fundraising on Crowdcube

Currently funding on Crowdcube, MEAME is a new brand providing stylish and protective clothing for cyclists.

After recognising a gap in the market for functional and fashionable clothing for the city commuter, Islington based husband and wife team Megan Aylott and Steven Azancot created the brand aimed for fashion-conscious commuters in 2015.

“Very few cyclists wear hi-vis and with a clear majority of cyclists not willing to sacrifice their style for safety or function our mission was to combine both function and fashion, creating clothing that was more visible, more stylish and would improve clothing performance.”

Within the short period the start-up has been established, MEAME is stocked both in the UK and Germany with a social media following of over 7,000.

“We’re at an exciting stage of the business, and I’d love the community to join us on the journey. MEAME are at the seed stage and with backing we can grow into something beautiful developing innovations that complement our everyday life. We are more conscious of our health and well being and I believe clothing should aid your lifestyle allowing you to love an active life with no barriers. Get on board, let’s do this together and build a functional and fashionable future”

The £180,000 they hope to raise on Crowdcube, MEAME plan to use funds to increase sales by developing new innovation and increasing the range to 21 products, hire marketing and operations manager, develop brand awareness via PR and digital marketing, as well as boosting brand value, sales and brand loyalty.

“We intend to run the business over a long period (at least 5 -10 years) Opportunistically expanding into sectors such as lifestyle and wearables.”

MEAME still have 29 days left of funding. So far, they have raised over £25,000 and offer an equity of 16.67 percent.