Macron welcomes Trump in Paris

Trump will spend 24 hours in the French capital.

Trump has landed in Paris as he prepares to meet with President Macron as the pair look to set aside their differences.

Trump is taking a break from the current controversies surrounding him back in the US and will enjoy a 24 hour trip in Paris where he and Macron where dine at the Eiffel Tower followed by the Bastille Day military parade on the Champs Elysées.

Whilst this may be a surprising gesture from Macron, who initially slammed Trump for his views on climate change, the French President appears to be taking a new strategy with Trump.

“Sometimes Trump makes decisions we don’t like, such as on climate. But we can deal with it in two ways: we can say ‘We are not going to talk to you,’ or we can offer you our hand to bring you back into the circle,” said Christophe Castaner, a government minister and spokesman.

The invite from Macron appears to be a deliberate attempt to show that Paris is still “welcoming” after Trump announced that  “Paris is no longer Paris” following a string of terrorist attacks in the French capital.

On Thursday afternoon Macron and Trump will hold more than an hour of talks focused mainly on counter-terrorism.

An Elysée official said: “Where we have differences, we talk about them very clearly – such as on climate – but there are issues like counter-terrorism where we are on the same line and need close cooperation and common action,”

Philippe Roger, author of the American Enemy, a history of French anti-Americanism said: “He had to show the French domestic audience he knew how to say no to America,” of Macron’s first meeting with Trump in May. 

“I think Macron understands very well that with Mr Trump you have to be present – see him and talk to him face to face … Ambassadors don’t exist for Trump … The only thing is to be in the same room and to talk.”

Security will be in full force on Bastille Day, with authorities anticipating many protests of Trump’s visit.