theresa may
Prime Minister Theresa May at Press conference in Paris, France in July 2016.

Theresa May is preparing a cabinet reshuffle for the start of 2018, with the Prime Minister likely to offer Boris Johnson a Brexit delivery role.

Johnson could be asked to replace Business Secretary, Greg Clark, to give him more direct “ownership” of Brexit.

The change in government could lead to a number of cabinet figures losing their positions and younger MPs getting bigger roles.

Chris Wilkins, who was previously May’s director of strategy, said the shuffle in Parliament positions was important to show her current “position of strength”.

“It has two purposes: to show the country the depth of talent there is in the Conservative party and to show the party is united and is a broad church that welcomes all views and opinions,”

“We need to stop asking ourselves where people voted on Brexit and just look for the best person for the job.”

Rumours have suggested that Damian Green will be replaced as the first secretary of state by health secretary, Jeremy Hunt. This was following Green’s forced resignation about pornography found on his work computer.

Green is a close friend of the Prime Minister, who spoke of sadness at having to let him go.

“As I said in the letter to Damian, I was very sad,” said the Prime Minister earlier this year. “He and I have known each other since university and he’s a good – was a good – minister. He’s obviously been a minister in a number of areas; he and I worked together in the Home Office before I became prime minister.”

Patrick McLoughlin might be removed as the party chair. The immigration minister, Brandon Lewis, is likely to be named as his successor.

Ministers who are looking likely to see a promotion in the new year include Anne Milton, Claire Perry, Sarah Newton, Margot James and Harriett Baldwin.