BBC v ITV: Who will host the Brexit debate?

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May have both agreed to take part in a live TV Brexit debate, which will be held on Sunday 9 December.

Whilst the party leaders have agreed on a debate, there is a clash over which TV channel will air the live debate.

May has accepted an offer by the BBC, whilst the Labour leader has agreed to the proposal being offered by ITV.

“The ITV offer seemed a sensible one,” he said on Thursday. “We want to get the widest possible and most diverse audience.”

The BBC said: “We’ve just heard the prime minister has accepted the BBC’s offer to take part in a debate on the Brexit deal on Sunday 9 December.”

“We’re delighted she’s agreed and hope to hear soon from the Labour Party. We have been discussing debate formats with both parties and will announce further details soon.”

Curently, it will only be May and Corbyn involved in the debate. The SNP, Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru and Green Party have all hoped to be involved but this has been rejected by the prime minister, who has said that between her and Corbyn, they represent almost 90% of MPs in the House of Parliament.

Vince Cable, who is the Liberal Democrat leader, said: “Neither of them believe that the public should be able to have the final say on the deal, including the option of remaining the EU,” he said.

“The Liberal Democrats have argued for the People’s Vote from the outset and that view must be aired within that debate,” added.

May is currently on her two-week campaign to sell her Brexit deal to MPs, before the vote on 11 December.