Biden ends hopes of quick post-Brexit deal with UK

The U.S. Vice President spoke at the World Economic Forum.

Joe Biden dashed any hopes of a quick post-Brexit trade deal with the UK on Boris Johnson’s state trip.

“We’re going to talk a little bit about trade today and we’re going to have to work that through,” said Biden.

He suggested that the UK would have to wait at the “back of the queue” for a free trade agreement.

Johnson’s  official spokesman said:  “Our focus is on the US stand-alone deal and that’s what we’re working towards.”

It is understood that the UK might consider joining the existing trade deal with the US, Mexico and Canada.

On the prime minister’s visit, Biden also expressed concerns over the Irish border.

“And I would not at all like to see, nor I might add would many of my Republican colleagues like to see, a change in the Irish accords, the end result having a closed border in Ireland,” he said.