CMA has “serious concerns” of funeral sector

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has said that it has “serious concerns” about the funeral sector amid the pandemic.

The watchdog has told funeral directors and crematoria that there must be clear prices for customers and that the government must monitor the quality of services.

The CMA has been investigating the funeral sector for almost two years, however, the report was disrupted when the pandemic hit in March.

Martin Coleman, a CMA panel inquiry chairman, said: “Organising a funeral is often very distressing and people can be especially vulnerable during this time.

“That’s why our remedies are designed to help people make choices that are right for them and ensure they can be confident that their loved one is in good hands.

“The CMA will be keeping a close eye on this sector to make sure our remedies are properly implemented and help it to decide whether further action is necessary when circumstances return to a more steady state.”

The average price of a basic funeral has increased by 9% in some regions across the UK – costing £4,417.