Singapore Airlines: Longest non-stop flight to depart

Singapore Airlines is to relaunch the world’s longest flight on Thursday.

The 10,400-mile route from Singapore to New York takes 18 hours and 25 minutes and covers over 15,000km. 

The journey was cancelled five years ago due to rising oil costs but will start again on Thursday due to a high demand for a non-stop flight.

A one-way ticket from Singapore to New York on next Monday’s will set you back £1,600.

Aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas, who will be on board Thursday’s flight and said: “The thinking behind that is that they are selling a premium product – it’s for the top end of town.”

“This is a route between two massive financial hubs, and so they will fill this plane up with business people, or well-heeled travellers who want the convenience of a non stop flight.

“It’s also been proven that when carriers introduce a new non-stop route, the traffic on that route increases threefold,” he added.

Max Kingsley-Jones, who is the group editor of Flight Global, warned that plans for non-stop routes had a habit of changing.

“In the boom times you get a lot of what we call direct-connect flights between smaller cities… [then] each time there’s a downturn you see all those tail off, and then we go back to people flying over hubs,” he said on the BBC’s Today programme.

“Even though it costs more for an airline to fly over a hub, they’ll always charge you less because of the disadvantage of going via somewhere else.”

An extra 200 hours of films and TV shows have been added for passengers on the world’s longest flight.

Economy passengers will be able to expect three meals at fixed times, with refreshments in between. Business passengers can expect two meals, with choice of when they are served, with refreshments and a bed to sleep in.