Jaguar Land Rover to create 5,000 UK jobs

Jaguar Land Rover has announced plans to recruit 5,000 new engineers in the UK as Brexit talks begin.

Employing 40,000 people worldwide, Jaguar Land Rover plans to increase British recruits to help develop new models and electric software.

The recruitment process will begin over the next year, coinciding with official talks over Brexit. Many carmakers have made clear that in order to protect British jobs, the deal must include free trade.

Candidates who wish to apply for the new roles must do so via the app, which will include several challenges. One of which will include code-breaking to test “curiosity, persistence, lateral thinking and problem-solving skills”.

The car company, owned by India’s Tata group (BOM:500570), also said it plans to accept applications via more traditional routes such as careers website. Jaguar Land Rover’s main UK manufacturing and engineering sites are in Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Gaydon, Coventry and Liverpool.

Jaguar Land Rover have said that over 1,000 of the new jobs would be electronic and software engineers.

Over half of the new models planned will be available in an electronic version.

“The best performers will be fast-tracked through the recruitment process, helping to meet Jaguar Land Rover’s ambition to employ thousands of bright new talents over the next year. It’s a major change in the way the business looks for candidates, aiming to tackle the engineering skills gap, inspire and attract a diverse range of talent and new thinking.” said the car manufacturer.

Jaguar Land Rover has just experienced a record year of sales, helped by the demand for luxury cars in North America and China.

Industry leaders have expressed uncertainty about the outlook for UK carmakers if the UK leaves the EU. The Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders said late last year that car manufacturing was at risk of “death by a thousand cuts” if car companies decided to invest in different countries.