Tekcapital shares look set for further gains

Tekcapital has broken out of a medium-term trading range which suggests the stock has further to run to the upside.

The company has enjoyed positive price targets from brokers and media coverage that point to material gains in the share price.

Kemeny Capital recently gave Tekcapital a 21.4p sum-of-the-parts valuation while analysts at SP Angel suggest the Net Asset Value of Tekcapital is 30.9p.

Both valuations are well above the current Tekcapital share price of 11p and leave plenty of space for a rerate from current levels.

In August, Tekcapital issued two portfolio company updates outlining the progress each of their four main investee companies had made.

One of the most eye-catching comments was that MicroSalt was still working towards its IPO and was in discussion with major snack food players.

Because MicroSalt is due to IPO in the near term, this portfolio company has the greatest potential for substantial shareholder value creation in 2023.

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