Nearly a quarter of British adults are hiding money from their partners, saving as much as £4,234 because they enjoy feeling financially independent or want the opportunity to treat themselves.

According to a survey from Autoeurope, 27 percent of people are squirreling away money for a sun soaked holiday, with 38 percent of those looking for a break in Europe and a further 30 percent saving for a tropical holiday in a far-flung destination – without their partner.

Almost two in ten have their eye on a new car and one in five are saving for new clothes and designer items.

According to the research, the amount differs varies widely between men and women. The typical man is likely to have as much £4,234 saved on the sly, with the average female stashing away funds to the tune of £2,768. A spokesman for commented:

“Our research suggests that men and women in relationships show a determined effort to save for well-earned indulgences on their own. From holidays to far-flung destinations without their partners to mini-breaks with friends, it seems that time away from their relationships is key to feeling a sense of freedom while remaining financially independent from one another.”

But a more careful 23 percent are saving on the quiet in case their relationship one day breaks down and they need cash for an ‘exit strategy’, especially with the idea of a ‘F**k Off Fund’ – a stash of cash available to use in case of emergency – becoming more prevalent for Generation Z.

The most popular place to hide money was an online savings account, with 35 percent of people choosing this option to avoid any bank statements in the post. This was followed by a regular bank account, with 26 percent of respondents admitted to destroying any statements.