LONDON - FEB 2, 2016: Amber Rudd seen at Downing Street on Feb 2, 2016 in London.

Amber Rudd has said the government will create a new team that will ensure no more Windrush-era citizens will be classified as illegal immigrants.

The home secretary apologised to those who arrived in the UK as children from the Commonwealth 70 years ago and were recently told they were illegal.

“This is about individuals. We have seen the individual stories and some of them have been terrible,” said Rudd, who went onto say that the Home Office had become too concerned with policy and strategy.

Changes to UK immigration law, which requires people to have specific documentation to work or access benefits, highlighted the issue of those who arrived in the UK as children without correct documentation and left many concerned over their status.

Theresa May’s spokesperson said: “She deeply values the contribution made by these and all Commonwealth citizens who have made a life in the UK and is making sure the home office is offering the correct solution for individual situations.

“She is aware that many people are unlikely to have documents that are over 40 years old and is clear that no one with the right to be here will be made to leave.”

“[May] is going to make sure that we’re offering the correct solution for individual situations. Each situation may well be different but we need to make sure that we have the support there to help people through the process.”

“If there are ways we can make the process better then, of course, we will, if there are problems that people have been put through, that clearly would be a matter of regret.”

Rudd has confirmed various new measures that will help the Windrush generation. These include all fees for new documentation being waived so people will not be “out of pocket”, pledging that all cases will be resolved in the next two weeks and the creation of a new website with relevant information and contact points.