Netflix and Amazon Prime have helped boost a record year for the UK TV production sector, according to the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television (PACT).

Last year, the UK TV production sector reached a record high and posted revenues of £2.7 billion, which is a rise of nearly a third over the ten years.

John McVay, the chief executive of TV producers’ association Pact, said: “It is inevitable those big platforms want to work with British producers, because we have a reputation for delivering creativity and quality.”

“We want to encourage all those platforms to spend more, and they almost certainly will, as they still account for a small proportion of total commissioning spend.”

The sector’s record revenue was helped along by the sale of programmes including Victoria, Sherlock and Midsomer Murders overseas, which led to a record £218 million.

The report by the trade body association also found the spend on factual entertainment shows, which includes shows including Love Island, Gogglebox and First Dates, has almost doubled since 2012 to almost £260 million.

The indie TV sector has seen impressive growth in the past decade which is being driven by international revenue, and in particular commissions from overseas companies,” said McVay.

“It’s fantastic that British content is sought-after around the world and that it contributes so much to the British economy”.

Netflix has seen UK staff numbers increase from a dozen to 60 in the space of a year. 

The group revealed plans to spend $1 billion (£777 million) on shows commissioned from producers across Europe this year. The streaming giant has a total budget of about $8 billion (£6.2 billion).

Amazon plans to spend around $5 billion (£3.9 billion) on film and TV content this year.

Shares in Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) are trading at 367,68. Shares in Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) are trading at 2.012,71.