Viagogo forced to “overhaul” business

The Competition and Markets Authority has ordered Viagogo to “overhaul” its business approach.

Having won a landmark legal victory, the controversial ticket re-selling website will now have to tell customers exactly what seat they are and if there is a risk they might be turned away at the door.

Another change will be that the website will have to declare whether the ticker seller is a genuine fan who cannot attend the concert or a professional trader – who will be defined as someone selling over 100 tickets a year.

The CMA chief executive, Andrea Coscelli, said: “We have been clear throughout our investigation that people who use these resale websites must know key facts before parting with their hard-earned money, including what seat they will get and whether there is a risk they might not actually get into the event at all.”

“Viagogo has agreed to a comprehensive overhaul of its site to ensure it respects the law, just like the other resale sites who have already signed commitments to improve the information they offer and give people a fair deal.”

Many in the music industry have criticised the website. The Arctic Monkeys manager, Ian McAndrew, called on the site to be shut down after tickets for the band’s tour appeared on the site for £2,200.

Viagogo said: “We are pleased that we have been able to work closely with the CMA to come to an agreement that provides even greater transparency to consumers.”