Wizz Air passenger numbers up 220% in January

Wizz Air saw a positive start to the year as passenger numbers jumped in January.

Compared to January 2021, this month saw passenger numbers up 220% as restrictions eased and more people were allowed to fit onto the plane.

Chief executive Jozsef Varadi commented: “There is a very clear correlation between the level of restrictions imposed on travel versus market demand.”

“What we are seeing in the UK today is what we are going to be seeing in continental Europe in the next four to six week, [i.e.] restrictions easing correspond to robust demand coming up.”

“The emergence of the Omicron variant and renewed travel restrictions impacted our trading performance late in the quarter and we expect demand in January, February and part of March to be impacted by ongoing travel uncertainty,”

“As such, Wizz Air anticipates the operating loss for the fourth quarter of F22 to be slightly higher than the operating loss of €213.6 million for the previous one.”

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