Remote working vacancies fall from record highs

New data has found that the number of remote working vacancies has fallen from record highs of 130,000 in June to 99,000 in August.

The new statistics suggest that businesses are returning to ‘normal’ ways of working and want people to return to offices.

Natalie Douglass, Director at New Street Consulting Group, said: “We saw businesses respond and adapt quickly to the pandemic bringing into question whether office-based working was necessary for many businesses.”

“With the number of advertised remote roles peaking in June, the true indicator of long-term sentiment will be in the coming months. Will the trend keep falling and return to pre-pandemic figures or will it plateau somewhere higher?”

“There are many factors in play for both businesses and employees that will drive this – Where are employees more productive? What’s the impact on company culture? Where are employees most happy?

“Businesses should be using this time to test and learn to identify what works best for them and their team. Those that fair best in the long run will be the ones who find a balance between the commercial needs of the business and the desires of their employees. This will look different across sectors and organisations but will most likely combine hybrid and flexible working models.”

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