Floom: Deliveroo for the flower industry

Floom is approaching its Crowdcube target.

With 22 days left on crowdfunding site Crowdcube, Floom is an online marketplace that makes it easy for consumers to buy high quality & unique flowers from independent florists.

Already at 73 percent of their total target, the start-up claims that they plan “to do for flowers what Deliveroo did for takeaway“.

Founder Lana Elie founded the company due to her frustration by the amount of time it took to find high-quality bouquets. “The site is a marketplace for independent florists. It is similar to Interflora where you say where you are delivering and have a florist fulfil it, but it works a little differently in that we don’t hide who the florist is and we don’t tell them what products to produce.” she said.

Floom is designed to solve the problem of finding and sending a quality bouquet of flowers. It is a marketplace that brings flowers crafted by a real florist to the time-poor customer. We are bringing technology, e-commerce and design to an industry that is run by archaic processes and systems.

“Our research suggests that very few independent florists have e-commerce websites, and have found the large conglomerates that do offer flowers online to have mundane bouquets & a confusing online experience.”

The online platform is off to a promising start with over £285,000, and positive hopes to expand from their existing London customer base.

Floom has been trading since March 2016 and an average growth of 23 percent every month, taking advantage of the $50 billion global flower market.

The London-based start-up plan to use the investment from this round of crowdfunding to test and implement digital marketing strategies as well as updating the marketplace software for both supply and customer side experiences, as well as scaling national supply acquisition in order to be nationwide in the next 3 months. For 2017, Floom is projecting £291k of net revenue through sales of 12,000 bouquets.

Already featured in The Guardian, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Stylist, Floom is off to a promising start to indeed become the ‘Deliveroo of the flower industry’ by helping to support local businesses.