Pharmacy startup ScriptDash gains $23m investment


Pharmacy startup Scriptdash announced that it had raised $23 million in Series B funding on Monday, alongside the decision to rebrand as Alto Pharmacy.

The startup’s technology platform offers free same-day delivery of prescription medications, as well as a prescription management app for patients and prescribers. Since launching in 2015, Alto have delivered more than 100,000 prescriptions to 12,000 patients living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The startup is now planning to offer doctors and clinics an easier backend system to fill prescriptions, solving the myriad of communications difficulties between doctors and pharmacies.

The San Francisco-based startup announced that it has received funding from Greenoaks Capital, Rahul Mehta of DST Global, Twitch co-founder Justin Kan, and Jackson Square Ventures to the tune of $23 million, in order to expand to other US cities including Los Angeles.


“Alto’s latin root means ‘elevated’ or ‘tall’ and we’re trying to elevate the pharmacy experience,” co-founder Mattieu Gamache-Asselin told Techcrunch.

The company have worked hard over the two years since its launch to build relationships with many of the top medical institutions in the Bay Area, including Stanford Hospital and UCSF Medical Center. Its rebrand as Alto, alongside the Series B financing, will take the company to the next level.