Dillistone Group shares rally, as demand ‘surpasses expectations’

Dillistone Group (LON:DSG) shares gained on Thursday, after the company updated the market on developments at its new subsidiary “GatedTalent”.

Back in October, the group launched GatedTalent at the World Executive Search Congress, which has been met with considerable interest.

According to Dillistone, GatedTalent is a ‘private network designed to allow executives to share information with recruiters in a private manner while also assisting recruiters in their GDPR compliance’.

The platform is fastest selling new product in the company’s history, driven initially by demand as a result GDPR compliance.

Subsequently, the company reported on Thursday that by the end of last month, contracts had been received from firms across more than a dozen countries across Europe.

Jason Starr, CEO of Dillistone Group Plc, said – “We are delighted that so many of our clients see GatedTalent in the way that we do – as a way to convert the challenges of GDPR into an opportunity to increase engagement with candidates.”

“We are well on our way to building the World’s largest private executive network of this type and are increasingly confident that GatedTalent will be transformational for the global executive search industry and for our Group.”

According to the trading update, they have secured sign contracts with more than 20  UK firms  including generalist executive search firms alongside  Board Search, Financial Services, Technology and Pharmaceuticals.

Moreover, the platform has seen registrations from across the globe such as in Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and both North and South America.

The company provides of software and services that enable recruitment firms and in-house recruiters to enhance their selection process. Across its four subsidiaries, they do business over 2,000 clients in over 70 countries.

Alongside its latest venture, GatedTalent, its subsidiaries include Voyager Software Limited, FCP Internet Ltd, ISV Software and search-consult.

Shares in Dillistone Group are trading up 29.63 percent as of 13.22, as the market reacts to the update.

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