Starting salaries rise at rapid rate

Living Wage
The Living Wage set by an independent foundation has seen a rise.

A new survey from KPMG and the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has found starter salaries to be rising at the fastest rate in 24 years.

Fewer applications for the roles and a surge in staff demand has led to starter salaries and temporary wages to increase rapidly.

 “We have all seen how labour shortages have affected our everyday lives over the past few weeks, whether that’s an empty petrol station or fewer goods on supermarket shelves,” said Neil Carberry, who is the chief executive of the REC.

“The scale of the shortages we are seeing cannot be explained by one factor alone, but are a major challenge to businesses’ ability to drive the prosperity of the UK in the months and years to come.”


“It is essential that government works in partnership with business to deliver sustainable growth and rising wages, rather than a crisis-driven sugar rush,” he added.