5 Daily Market News Publications Every Trader Should Follow

    The stock markets continue to demonstrate high volatility as economies are staging a recovery. Investors are worried about high inflation rates and steep valuations. The CBOE Volatility index has gained 15.82% over the past three months amid the ongoing market sell-off. 

    This year, the improving macroeconomic variables caused investors to shift towards recovery stocks across retail, energy, and banking sectors. However, the threat of rising interest rates coupled with lower-than-expected job growth in the United States is expected to trigger a global market sell-off. The tech sector is already displaying signs of bearish market trends. 

    Now, the volatility in the markets should also allow traders to take advantage of the underlying conditions and generate robust returns in the future. 

    To illustrate, the electric vehicle (EV) industry has been gaining popularity since last year owing to the rising interest in clean energy solutions and climate change concerns. The ongoing global semiconductor shortage is estimated to cost the EV industry approximately $110 billion in revenues. Thus, the return on investment on EV stocks might be lower in the short term, owing to such exogenous headwinds



    Keeping up with the last market events is quintessential for successful market trading. Some of the most popular and accurate news publications offering extensive insights regarding the global market developments are listed below:  

    1.  Plus500

    Plus500’s market news sectionhighlights the market moving events and provides a deep insight into the implications of the same. The platform’s articles and news publications cover the potential impact of recent developments on domestic stock exchanges and global benchmark indices. As one of the leading stock trading platforms in the United Kingdom, Plug500 analyzes daily trading patterns to identify the top market movers and gauge overall investor sentiment. With more than 2,500 securities trading through the platform, its market news and insights segment cover all major markets, including cryptocurrencies and derivatives. 

    2.  Market Watch

    Market Watch is a subsidiary of Dow Jones & Company and News Corp. The financial journal is one of the best free websites covering the global stock markets, emphasizing the United States. It provides well-articulated news insights into virtually every industry, along with political commentary. Its overview section highlights the performance of global benchmark indices in real-time, allowing readers to get an idea regarding the current markets and degree of volatility. Market Watch’s premium version includes access to exclusive content, newsletters, and watchlists, priced at $9.99 per month. Potential subscribers can get a free trial at $1 for the first four weeks.  

    3.  CNBC

    CNBCis a world-class news journal offering news coverage of international markets. Along with reporting the overall market performance each trading day, CNBC’s articles often list the most prominent market movers affecting the benchmark index performance. It also provides instant updates regarding macroeconomic data published by government agencies and highlights its potential impact on the markets. CNBC regularly interviews some of the most influential people on Wall Street, thereby providing insights into the institutional trading patterns. The premium version of the website – CNBC Pro offers live access to live video reporting and interviews. The subscription costs $299.99 per year or $29.99 monthly, with a 7-day free trial.

    4.  Thomson Reuters

    Thomson Reuters is one of the world’s largest multimedia news publication companies, operating in more than 200 locations worldwide. It has a designated ‘Finance’ segment that provides a brief description of several publicly traded companies and their latest reported financials and valuation. It operates a proprietary Reuters Market Data System to extrapolate data from the major stock exchanges and update its website. It has recently monetized its news platform that is currently priced at $34.99 per month. Its paywall content contains exclusive entry to Reuters journalism and market insights.  

    5.  Bloomberg

    Known for its database Bloomberg Terminal, the platform provides some of the most discerning market news with a detailed layout of the probable impact of a development. However, it is one of the most expensive websites globally, with annual digital membership priced at $415 after the introductory period. Its all-access subscription, which provides all the benefits of the ‘Digital’ plan and weekly magazine delivery, costs $475 per year after the introductory trial period. 


    Given the dynamic nature of the markets, any news can trigger a massive fluctuation in a particular stock or industry, often providing the perfect entry or exit point to maximize returns. Also, stock markets are heavily influenced by political turmoil and economic developments. 

    For example, the worsening coronavirus situation in India caused oil stocks to decline around the world. Thus, being updated regarding the economic and political status of major economies is vital for traders. However, they should develop an analytical approach while filtering such news to identify the potential market breaking news, as otherwise excessive “investment noise” might cause them to lose out on profitable bets.